PDF Download: US HWY 395 and Mammoth Lakes- JUST GO 06/25/17 “JUST GO” SUMMER IS HERE AND THE ALPINES ARE CALLING. U.S. HWY 395 is one of those spoils we get from living on the West Coast. For many Californian’s the Alpine Mountains are a backyard Playground, and with places like The Mt. Whitney Portal … Continue reading U.S. 395 AND MAMMOTH LAKES  “SPOILS OF THE WEST COAST”


Travel With Justen: A Passage of Rights

Morning LightJoshua Tree National Park is a place where countless amounts of people have found the exact self-worth or redemption they sought out by going to the destination: A passage of rights for many lost souls. By entering the dry desert lands we are administering ourselves a test. A test of the mind, body, and … Continue reading Travel With Justen: A Passage of Rights

Cave of Munits and Castle Peak Trail

So I have been in this new area for a complete week now. I have explored a couple of places in my spare time. I was looking for something adventurous to occupy my evening and came across this Castle Peak and Munits Cave Trail on hikes peak that said this was the most exciting and adventurous 2.1 … Continue reading Cave of Munits and Castle Peak Trail

Chris Burkard Creative Live Workshop

So it’s not too often that we get to see pictures of the professionals that we admire hard at work doing what they do best. A really good friend of mine, Tony Velasquez and myself recently had an opportunity to be a part of an educational photography workshop in Pismo Beach given by Chris Burkard … Continue reading Chris Burkard Creative Live Workshop

Rocky Peak Trail

Overall, this was a pretty unique hike up the ridge line after the sun had already started setting, not too strenuous but it will get you breathing hard at moments.(Just watch out for the Rattle Snakes!!) A most interesting adventure for my first hiking trip in the area, also I had recently purchased a new … Continue reading Rocky Peak Trail

Camping Under a Blue Moon (The Bad Lands)

On a whim one evening before I moved away from the Central Coast my brother and I had finally decided to go explore a bit of the barren countryside behind the Cuyama Valley North of Santa Barbara on the back side of the Los Padres Mountains. The sights that we saw and experiences we endured during … Continue reading Camping Under a Blue Moon (The Bad Lands)