Artist Statement

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“It’s what we do in our spare time

that gets us where we want to be.

– Jus

The purpose of these photographs is to capture the essence of life’s most intricate moments as I see them, revealing hidden colors and places that our minds cannot see or even conceive. My main areas of focus throughout taking these photographs have been color, clarity, and depth.

I have wanted to bring forth a moment of creative inspiration in others, to break the focus of repetitive life styles. I want people to feel as though there is a welcome mat laid out inviting them to explore the scene in the image set before them.

Every photographic moment is a chance to explore a hidden world where the elements are aligned with humanity and all are brought together into the perfect frame. It is amazing all that has to be, at any one given moment, to make that magic happen. 

Capturing to share with friends and family and all that fall in-between.