JC Photo Graphic

California based Photographer/Musician.


 I enjoy the primitiveness that is awakened within me, the animalistic instinct that is at the fundamental part of our beings. I love getting in touch with this part of myself, the feeling of letting my spirit soar free thousands of feet above the valleys floor, the feeling of peering down on beauty and silence coupled with moments of force and power that shake the earth to its core. The world that I feel I am forced to fit into is nonexistent out here. This is where I find my truest reflection.

-Justen Christensen

Film Production and Videography Services Available:

Associates of Science in Film and Television Production.

Event Photography and Printing Packages Available:

With 15 yrs. experience, and our mobile photo printing unit we come to you, to help the individuals who attend your event preserve the experience they have had along with you. We provide a welcoming service which helps people feel warmed to the atmosphere upon arrival.  Please email for package pricing.

Social Media:

You can follow on other social media sites for a current stream of activities also.

@justenchristensen – Twitter

@justenchristensen – IG

Justen Christensen – FB

Follow the video links on the site for Vimeo or Youtube channels.

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