Why I Love Hiking in Winter


Winter has something locked away within it: secrets of the world that we are not always privy too, vastly spanning countryside’s covered in fluffy blankets of white bliss, views of the lands we have only imagined or seen on the silver screen.

Tokopah Trek
Photo by Heather Landazari

I find that when I am out in these harsh environments I come to a place within myself where I am not concerned with the outside world, I am not anxious about deadlines or Turn-it-in dates, I am not plagued with the yearning to be something I am not.

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What I am concerned with at those times is moving forward, keeping warm, and reaching the destination, basic functions that become a necessity to survive.

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I enjoy the primitiveness that awakens within me, the animalistic instinct that is at the fundamental part of our beings.

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I love getting in touch with this part of myself, the feeling of letting my spirit soar free thousands of feet above the valley’s floor, the feeling of peering down on beauty and silence coupled with moments of force and power that shake the earth to its core.



The world that I feel I am forced to fit into is nonexistent out here. This is where I find my truest reflection.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Hiking in Winter

  1. Just checked out your blog, your pictures are wonderful! I’ve always wanted to hike in the winter, but I’m sure I’d break something!!


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